About us

Who we are & our mission

Our Journey

In 2018, Nyota Njema Started as Nyota Njema Homes Ltd,selling and letting out on behalf of other people’s properties. In December the same year we changed our name from Nyota Njema Homes limited to Nyota Njema Real Estate to widen our portfolio in the property industry. In the month of May 2019, Our C.E.O resigned from employment and focused his energy on the company, that was a bold move that came with its fair share of consequences.

We got our first breakthrough sale in December from some BNI friends who requested we get our own land and they will support us. We ventured out to offering investment opportunities in Nanyuki. The company acquired its first one and half acres in Nanyuki, talked to the owner and settled on a payment plan that was to be done by the end of the month.

Our CEO took the clients to site, they loved the location and booked 15 plots while he had 12 plots, for once he had a good problem at hand. With excitement, he told one of his friends about the deal he got and guess what! The friend went behind his back bought the land and asked him to bring the customers and he will give him a commission.

Our CEO went back to Nanyuki looked for another piece of land and the least he got was 8acres which he booked and promised to pay the first deposit end of the month. This was subdivided into eighths and he had 53 plots, our phase 1, with 15 booked already and the first deposit he got he gave it out to the land owner as promised.

Our Mission


To become a reliable integrated Real Estate service provider in Africa


To provide world class real estate solutions to our clients through viable, credible and consistent quality services


Our company culture is deeply rooted in it's core values which are: Integrity, Commitment, Excellence and Honesty.